Wednesday, April 11, 2012

72 Honda

Sweet bike - who wants it??

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  1. That's my first bike right there. Sort of.... I bought that exact bike, or the '70 version of it, from a garage sale when I was sixteen in the summer of '89. Then because of a broken kickstart shaft I grabbed a parts bike as a parting gift, which turned out to a '69 CB100. So, obviously I swapped in the parts of the dirtbike that I liked best. The kill switch on the handlebar was the most difficult part due to having no help from ANYBODY not the dealership who lied about parts availability in an attempt to get me to buy a new bike, not my recently un-estranged "sperm donor", as I like to call him in honour of his contributions to the man I grew up to be, not even a fuckin' book at the library. As such, I managed to fry the wiring. BUT, I DID manage to graft in both rear rims and spokes, so it was a 17"/17" ride, instead of 18/17 or 19/17 as Honda had intended! I fuckin LOVE the bike, but I'd have to have both in order to ride the thing, if you know what I mean. Unfinished business..... -S.